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Pattaya Photos contains many photos and information about Pattaya. You will get a good feeling for what central Pattaya is like from the more than 500 photographs the site contains.The website is under active construction. Initially many Pattaya photos will be posted in a series called Pattaya Walking Tours.

The idea behind Pattaya Photos' Walking Tours series is to take a series of photos as one would walk through an area. In some cases a route will be in a straight line. In other areas a more convoluted route is taken. Each walking tour will be supplied with a map showing the route. Accompanying the photos is some commentary that may be useful to some.

Pattaya photos

I have collect photographs for the Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro, and Soi Diana Inn walking tour. That walking tours is now posted. I have also taken a series of photos along Second Road from Drinking Street to Soi 5. This walking tour is now also online as is the Walking Street tour and one of Soi Honey. The tour for the Soi 7 and 8 area is now complete.

As Pattaya really comes to life at night there is now a section dedicated to night-time photos. This will be built up over time.

There is also a section called Pattaya Photo Categories. In this section you will find photos taken in and around Pattaya organised into particular themes. There is one available now containing photos of floods in Pattaya. I have recently added a section that contains night photos of various sois.

I have taken photos in the Sois 13, 13/1 and 13/2 area and that tour is currently under construction. The photos are now available. When I return to Pattaya in September I will collect photos in Soi 6 and the Pattayaland sois. That will complete the planned series of walking tours.

Please feel free to email me any suggestion that you have in regard to Pattaya Photos you would like to see. The aim of this website to give newbies to Pattaya an idea of what Pattaya is like. It may also help keep people sane between trips.

Please use the menu on the left to navigate the section. On the navigation menu you will see each of the tours. The first page of the tours gives an introduction to the area, a general location map and a route map of that particular walking tour.

If you have not been to Pattaya before or have only been a couple of time there is a lot of information about Pattaya. There are many Pattaya-based forums available to which you can find links to on My links page. If you would like a single source to get yourself educated about how the bar scene operates in Pattaya I recommend Pattaya Newbie. Also more Pattaya photos can be found in the gallery of that website.

With time I hope that Pattaya Photos will grow and comprehensibly cover the central bar area in Pattaya. It may also give me some incentive to visit some of the tourist related attractions that can be found in Pattaya to collect further photographs. This may include places such as Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Nong Noch Gardens and The Sanctuary of Truth. At least it will give me a good excuse to visit Pattaya.

I hope you enjoy the photos and commentary that I have made available.

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